Meet The Gang

Here are some of the dogs that I walk regularly.  Each has its own personality, take Cassie the gorgeous rough collie diva who is nervous of people and would never dream of chasing a ball.  Rosco, the English cocker spaniel who loves to run after the ball but never brings it back, whilst Hugo, the schnoodle, will bring the ball back but only give it up if you give him a treat!  Max, the jackuawahua who thinks he is a Rottwheiler, and Buddy the Bichon Frise who is always happy.  Monty and Mabel the bedipoo brother and sister who want to greet everyone they meet. Taffy, our gorgeous bouncy labradoodle buddy, reminds me of Tigger as he’s always jumping up and down excited when we play ball. Jess the lurcher is very wary of other dogs but is gradually finding her confidence and Flynn, the jack russell who loves to chase the birds.  Otis and Rufus the pugs are laid back and get on with everyone and Barney who is big and strong but has great recall and is a gentle giant really, and of course Beau, my scatty American, who just wants to chase squirrels but can’t manage to climb trees!

About Beau’s Buddies

Who I Am

A bespoke first class home from home dog care service. I have a 5 year- old chocolate brown American Cocker Spaniel called Beau, hence the name Beau’s Buddies.

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